Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I Used Several Colors.. I Apoloqize!, I Never Track The Names And Colors Of The Thinqs That I Use, I Have To Get Used To Doinq That !

My ULTIMATE Valentine's Day Lipstick !

AntiValentine , Grrrrrrrr !

This Bloq Post Was Mainly A Photoqraphy Thinq, I Didn't Plan On Anyone Knowinq The Thinqs That I Used Or Actually Seeinq My Face ! I Just Wanted Eveyone To See How Pretty It Turned Out, Im More Into Editinq My Photos Nd Makinq Them Look Pretty, But Im Goinq To Start Showinq Everyone The Thinqs That I Use. And Also Im Goinq To Start Postinq More ! =]

Monday, January 18, 2010

Military School'S A J O K E !

If We Can Do This In A Military School... Whats So Military About It Except Formations? ! SIKE, My School's Actually Kinda Strict. We Jut Had An Extra Nice Substitute And No Work Due To My Teacher's Family Emergency! She Was Absent ALL WEEK! Yippy!